Sunday, February 16, 2020

 I've never been one to say no to scraps when they're offered to me, nor can I pass by a bag of fabric in the op shop.  I regularly get tubs of stuff like this from Keryn who loses patience with her leftovers and is glad to see the back of them. I deal with them by steadily sorting and cutting until it's all filed away in containers, or put with groups of fabric I'm saving for certain projects.

 I boasted to Keryn late last year that I'd got all my scraps under control and that probably made the universe prick up it's ears and laugh. Within the last  two weeks I've accumulated a washing basket full of bits and pieces, from op shops and two huge bags of offcuts from the local fabric shop. Even Keryn couldn't resist two bags that contained lots of  Kaffe scraps to add to her collection.

I've spent hours happily going through all this muddle of colour and pattern, sorting it into piles and pieces to add to projects already started.

Keryn often says that I'm never going to be able to cut up my yardage because I seem to use my scraps exclusively, at least for the start of a project. I usually think I can get a few blocks from scraps, but  more often than not all them are made from the bits and pieces. It's wildly satisfying to find a place to use all these leftovers but I have a huge amount of fabric in large pieces that I need to address too. Keryn and I made a resolution this year that we would try to make inroads  into the precious yardage and use the larger cuts we've hoarded for so long.

I still fully intend to do that, after I've used this lot....


Sue SA February 17, 2020  

Scraps seem to self multiply at my place but I too thought I had them under control, until Mum donated me hers! I have been kitting up quilt tops for charity kid quilts and it was easy to get rid of the novelty and brights, but have a harder time using up the florals that you love!

Sandy February 17, 2020  

I also love scraps, but they drive me crazy. I'm still trying to come up with a system. Of course it doesn't help that I save everything over 1"

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