Saturday, January 02, 2016

The end of 2015 was exhausting and it's taken me until now to feel faintly normal again. There seemed to be a lot more hustle and bustle this year, and unfortunately some of it wasn't very enjoyable.

Totally wonderful though, was a trip to welcome the latest grandson, Edmund Duncan, born on 17th Dec. He's a beautiful boy and because the family left on an interstate holiday about four days after he was born I've only seen photos of him since then. When they get back I plan to spend more time with this little chap, and his proud big brothers.

Apparently they thought of calling him Ted as a nickname, but he's quickly become Eddy- I think that's pretty cute!

I've been  sewing despite  the kerfuffle that was Christmas, so I have a few projects to show you when I get my photos sorted out. I hope everyone has a great 2016, and I'm ready to get down to some serious piecing in the coming weeks. I love January in the sewing room with the AC on!


Gypsy Quilter January 03, 2016  

Oh my what a gorgeous, beautiful, little grand darlin'. Aren't you lucky. Another babe to cuddle, hug, and make a new quilt for. Congratulations!

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