Saturday, January 16, 2016

 My first finish for 2016 is the nine patch on point blocks, and I'm so pleased to have this done. I didn't spend ages agonising over the border fabric, which is somewhat unusual for me. I chose the floral as I was making the blocks and the others occurred to me soon after- I love making definite decisions and not dithering around  unable to make up my mind. This is such an unusual state of affairs that  I actually found myself thinking "Perhaps I should just try some other fabrics...." but I managed to ignore that piece of insanity.

I cut the plaid border along the actual printed lines, which took some time as it was a little bit crooked, and then carefully matched the print when I joined the strips. This  wasted some fabric in between the repeats, but I really wanted to have this effect around the main part of the top.

When I was pressing the dark brown print I realised that it too had a zigzag motif in the background- I hadn't even noticed it until then.

Unfortunately I haven't got a photo of it hanging up yet, I plan to go to the hall later on and I'll see if I can get a decent shot then. The top has grown to be quite large and won't fit on my design wall here.

Now I can sort out all the bits and pieces left over from this project, clear the tables, and on to the next finish!


Lori in South Dakota January 16, 2016  

Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt. Sending you some cool weather, Sunday the high will be -6°F. Please send some of your warm my way!

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