Monday, January 04, 2016

I seem to have acquired a small stash of bright fabric, most of it given to me in various scrap bags over the years, or offcuts from customer backings. I never buy this type of material, it's just not my thing, but nevertheless, I have to find some ways to use it up. It's not that I don't admire all the lovely bright designs I see, but if I have a limited budget for my fabric I won't buy anything I don't really want in the stash.

When I was making Broken Dishes blocks last year I thought I might make some bright 3" HST,
and then  like Lori in this post, I stumbled on the same  photo, from

 Yep, this quilt looked pretty good, so that became my plan. I haven't got much further than making a heap of blocks, but I hope to have this done soon as the first top of 2016.

Is it strange to be amused by the dog ears  cut off the triangles, sitting  in my tin and looking cheerful? Normally it's full of duller reproductions that are quite drab by comparison with these little sparkly bits. It's been fun to work with these colours and it hasn't used up all of them- I think there may be a few more little tops lurking in my future.


Dora, the Quilter January 04, 2016  

I love little boxes of little snips, although I have no idea why. I've often thought I should deposit them in clear glass Christmas balls and add in threads I cut off when quilting (I usually use Glide, so it's shiny) and someday make a wreath with ornaments from the quilts I've quilted. I've saved the threads, I've saved the snips, but so far I haven't made the ornaments. But this year my college age daughter confiscated threads from one of my bags and did make ornaments for gifts.

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