Sunday, November 15, 2015

I've had an insanely busy week and haven't had much time to sew unfortunately. A trip to Adelaide, a 5 year old's birthday party, helping out a friend with a new business venture and yesterday a car boot sale that got rid of heaps of stuff but left us fairly shattered afterwards. Today will be equally as busy, and then tomorrow it's work again,,, and three customer quilts to do before Friday.

I took the time to play with layouts, even though I knew I wanted to do the zigzag setting. Sometimes it's nice to have a play around with actual blocks, instead of drawing things on graph paper or on the computer.

Straight furrows was fairly boring, and I didn't bother with putting more blocks on the wall.

Barn raising with a light centre...

or a dark centre.

Nice, but I still liked the zigzag better, so I started setting the blocks together.

I'm sewing them in groups of four then joining them into rows, and I've got about half done this way. If I get some down time this afternoon I'm going to try and have this in two large pieces, and then it will be only one long seam and I can call it done. I'm still not sure about a border, but the main thing will be to free up the design wall and move on to another project.

Speaking of my design wall, it's a very large board on wheels, that was used at our local gallery for years for displaying smaller works of art. There were two of them and I always said that I wanted to buy them if they ever came up for sale. It pays to speak your mind, because they were offered to me for $40 apiece, a bargain in my eyes. I had to take the base off to even get one in the doorway of my tiny cottage, and I now have this huge wall on wheels in my lounge room, but I love it. The other is in storage for when Keryn needs it....

It's so high I need this little chair to stand on when I arrange blocks at the top.

This was a kindergarten chair that's at least fifty years old, and it makes the best stepstool ever. I wish I had one for every room, and as it cost a dollar I could have afforded them, but there was only one. At the boot sale yesterday there was lots of wondering why we ever bought some of the junk we did, but there are other bargains that you never regret. I wouldn't part with either of these, and I use them every single day.


Tamera November 15, 2015  

Beautiful blocks!

Sue SA November 15, 2015  

Congratulations on reducing your belongings via the car boot sale! I am loving this pattern, so effective in different settings, but definitely prefer the zig zag too....which surprises me as I normally like barn raising! Another BH project to add to the list for next year, thanks for sharing.

Karen November 15, 2015  

Barn raising with dark center is my favorite setting of what you came up with playing.

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