Wednesday, November 04, 2015

I was nearly at the bottom of the box of red HST when I realised that the last layers were made up of these fellows. All the same red print, and a white homespun. Arghh! I just can't sew whole blocks using three identical HST, not when the rest of the top is so scrappy. I wish I'd remembered there were so many of these (about 70 of them ) and then I might have been able to scatter them throughout the other blocks.

Oh well, back to the red scraps, cut cut cut......
a bit of sewing, and I had the last 26 blocks all ready to go. I should be able to finish these tonight, and then I can think about how to set them.

I'm making 120 blocks, but part of me is thinking that's not very large, and I do have more green scraps so I could keep going.. It all depends on whether I have a border or not. Decisions, decisions.

I put the blocks I've finished on the design wall in this configuration, which is how the quilt in Bonnie's post was made.Now I can't decide which I like better, these zigzags or the block in my previous  post..

Instead of stewing about it I'm going to sew the last blocks together and then play around with various settings.  A Barn Raising might be nice too. Or I could make two smaller tops.

Stay tuned.


QuiltersCat November 04, 2015  

Very Pretty Love it, now I want to make this one too !

maggie fellow November 05, 2015  

I made mine all scrappy - I like the red and green

Michelle November 05, 2015  

Very pretty quilt! I'm off to see what your other layout option was. :)

Laura in IA November 05, 2015  

Oooh! I like this layout. But I've always wanted a zig zag quilt.

Sandy November 05, 2015  

Love it. I vote for the zigzags.

TheEclecticAbuela November 07, 2015  

That's lovely--take your time, and the right setting will come to you.

Shasta Matova November 15, 2015  

That is a pretty block, and the quilt will look great whatever setting you decide to use. I like the one you show today better. It has more movement in the quilt.

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