Thursday, November 19, 2015

 The blocks are finally set together and I can think about the next project to go on with here. I'm also wondering if this top needs a border; I have a pretty red floral which would be nice.

Another alternative would be a scrappy green border.

 I went through my cut pieces and pulled out those measuring 3 1/2" in one direction.  I could sew these randomly together and if I made each segment measure 6 or 12" finished it would be very easy to make it the exact length I need. It would be nice to get these pieces out of the stash, but the overall effect might be too 'heavy'. I'll obviously have to experiment some more and see which idea wins out.


Sandy November 19, 2015  

How about a thin inner border in red, then your scrappy green border?

Jo November 20, 2015  

The scrappy green is actually my favorite.

Laura in IA November 24, 2015  

Now me, I love the red floral.

Ruth November 27, 2015  

I agree with Sandy about a thin red border and then the scrappy green. Although I like the wider red as well, so no matter what you do, it will be fine. :-)

Lynn Dykstra December 02, 2015  

The red border. Always go with a fabulous red. And that one is!

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