Saturday, January 18, 2014

 The last week has been appalling weather wise, temperatures from 38C (100 F) to 45C (115F). I have a small airconditioner in one room, and Pippi and I hid out there and I tried to sew without overhead lights, to keep the temp. down as much as possible. There was a power failure on the fourth day which just about drove me over the edge- I become almost deranged from the heat after a while! It's so frustrating not being able to do things, like cooking the latest batch of tomatoes or working in the garden. And don't even mention quilting, ugh.

We knew there was a large bushfire burning about 40k away, and yesterday we went for a drive to take some stuff out to Matt. There was a huge cloud of smoke being blown over the hills, and it was sobering because we knew this area quite well when we were younger.
 Friends lived at Bangor, where the fire started, and we spent many days out there enjoying the countryside. I can understand why it would be  so hard to contain a fire there, lots of trees and scrub and most of it fairly inaccessible.
 The light became stranger as the day progressed and the cool change that was coming in brought stronger winds, at least where we were. I kept hoping that there would be a huge downpour, but there wasn't enough rain to make much difference to the fire, apparently.
By sunset, when we went to our brother and SIL's palce for tea, this was the view from their side garden, a huge ominous cloud and smoke drifting like a dark grey blanket.

I do so hate the number of bushfires we get here in Australia, so much destruction and death.

There have been three houses lost so far and more sheds and equipment, stock, and who could say how much wildlife has perished. Quite depressing, and it puts my discomfort into perspective. The fire never came more than 30k away from us, so we weren't in any danger, but I think of our friend's farm and the the little town we like to visit so that we can look out over the beautiful hills of the Flinders. From what I can see on a map it's all burnt out now and the view will be very black for some time.


Sue SA January 18, 2014  

Been so busy looking for news of friends in the Grampians, that I missed the bushfire in your area until this morning! Fingers crossed the cooler weather helps and hopefully that there are no more strong winds so they can get it under control today.

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