Thursday, January 23, 2014

 I don't know how old this set of blocks is, I made them over a few years at different times. I decided to set them with this lovely red fabric and I'm afraid my camera is doing strange things to the colours in these photos. When I get the borders on I'll try to get a more true to life photo, but as I haven't even decided what they'll be it may be a while.
I had so much fun making the sq in sq units; I used lots of beautiful repros and some tiny scraps that appear once and nowhere else. I think that's why I took so long to make these squares, I wanted to use my gorgeous fabrics and really enjoy sewing them.

When I'd made all the units the actual blocks went together quickly, and then I stalled on the setting fabric. When I decided on the red then I couldn't pick what I wanted to put in the posts between the sashes- so many decisions to make!

In some ways it's much easier when I copy an antique quilt; I can already see what I'm aiming for and have a mental image of what I want the quilt to look like. If I'm not too impatient I can usually come up with the perfect solution. but if I rush through the process I quite often regret it and wish I had taken more time to let the top speak to me.

Now if it would just tell me what borders it wants, I could get on and finish this....


mamifleur January 25, 2014  

Very beautiful quilt !

Jan January 26, 2014  

Another lovely finished top!

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