Wednesday, January 29, 2014

 I'm beginning this year as I did 2013, with a few finished  older projects. I'd forgotten this one, a sort of four patch Puss in the Corner block. I opened a drawer, and there it was, with the borders already cut and ready to go.

I wondered why I hadn't sewn them on, then remembered that I was going to mitre the corners on this stripe. That was enough to make me procrastinate, hence the whole thing being forgotten in a drawer.

When I found it and looked at it I thought "Just sew the darn things on and be done with it" and that's what I did. No fiddly mitres, just butted corners, and in an hour the thing was  done. I don't particularly like this anymore, so why would I waste time on it?

The setting squares are different fabrics in the same dull green colour, - that was one way to get the fabric out of my stash. There wasn't enough of any one fabric to set the whole top so this idea used up three smaller pieces which I was glad to see the back of.

I think I'll have to start selling tops, at the rate I'm finishing them!


Sue SA January 30, 2014  

I like the subtle stripes of the different background greens across the top. This is a great block, I love traditional patterns. Perhaps if you sell the top, the new owner might pay you to quilt it?!

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