Wednesday, October 16, 2013

 One of our dear friends was making these cross blocks, and I can remember being a bit doubtful about the pale red and white fabrics. I thought there wasn't enough contrast, and wondered if the pattern would show up when it was set together.
When she brought it to us for quilting, I fell in love with the beautiful transparent effect, and had to admit that the pale blocks absolutely make this quilt.

It's quilted with one of Keryn's pantos, Stitcherie, which suited it perfectly.
 I love the way the trellis fades in and out, and I'm wondering what a blue one would look like.....might have to add that to the list of tops I think!


Sandy October 17, 2013  

I am so glad you chose white thread for the quilting. I'm still fighting with my group about what thread to use for our red and white basket quilt. Maybe I should show them a picture of yours.

Love the quilt, btw and agree about the light crosses - very effective!


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