Tuesday, October 22, 2013

 I hadn't mentioned Pippi's condition before and now it's all over, bar the squeaking and the constant feeding and the cleaning up.

Keryn has blogged about the arrival of the puppies here, so I won't go over it again. Pippi is being a wonderful mother and won't leave her charges for more than a few minutes, it's lovely to see how attentive she is. But after such a hard labour, this will be it for puppies. It's only fun when it goes well, like a lot of things. But this did end well in the long run, and now mother and  puppies are fine. The puppies are being steadily inflated  by their huge appetites, and they've grown so much already. I'll have to take lots of photos to record their progress, they're real cuties.


Jan October 23, 2013  

SO glad that the whole family is doing well. Excited to see the pup's pics!

Bonnie October 25, 2013  

Wonderful news that all went well. Mother and puppies are beautiful.

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