Friday, October 25, 2013

 This has been a busy week, puppies, birthdays, visits from family and five customer quilts done. Phew, I hope this weekend is a nice quiet one after such a hectic schedule.

 I haven't had as much time to spend with the puppies as I'd like, so tomorrow I want to sit down and take mugshots of each puppy and have a good cuddle with all of them.

Pippi has been very tolerant  and shared them with all the visitors; she's not possesive, just a  bit anxious when they're picked up. She's proved to be a very good mother, it's lovely to see.

I may get a bit of sewing time in this weekend, it feels ages since I did anything for myself....


Jan October 26, 2013  

They are so precious - I would get nothing else done, but snuggling them:)

pdudgeon November 06, 2013  

that looks like a very contented liter of pups. congrats to both you and Pippi on having such a nice family.

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