Saturday, April 27, 2013

I've been distracted the past few days because Pippi's been at the vets under observation, and the house has seemed so empty without her. She began acting strangely on Tuesday, very lethargic and anxious, trembling muscles, reluctance to change positions as if she were in pain and the most woeful look on her face. She was obviously very uncomfortable but we couldn't see anything wrong with her.
So off to the vet's she went and I expected to pick her up next day but she had only marginally improved and he wanted to keep her longer. He did discover that her tounge was horribly swollen which suggested a beesting in the mouth, but that didn't account for her other symptoms. I walked around the yard and found a patch of toadstools that she'd been playing with, digging them up and scattering them around, so who knows if she had a reaction to them?
 I picked her up on Friday as she was improving, and had begun to drink and move around  again.She was sooo happy to see us. I think she thought she'd been abandoned there, poor thing. She's still stiff and a bit uncordinated and very hungry as she didn't eat anything while she was there- that has got to tell you there was something badly wrong with her. She loves her food, does Pippi!
 I always tease Keryn about how soppy she is with Dolly, but I missed my dog so much I think I'm nearly as bad. I couldn't settle to work properly because I kept wondering if she was alright and thinking about how upset she must be on her own.

When I picked her up the vet said "She's a very well behaved staffie" and added that most of them weren't! So now I keep cuddling her and saying "You're a Very Well Behaved Staffie!" Dear Pips, I hope she's back to her old happy self soon.


Leah Spencer April 27, 2013  

Kinda sounds like the rattlesnake bite my dog had. She was extremely stiff and refused a piece of meat that she never had done in her life. That's when I saw two fang punctures on her nose. A trip to the vet, antivenom and healing time put her back to her old self.

Several months later, she got bit again! This time, we just ignored it (she was 13 years old). She holed up in the bathroom for 3 days, and then pulled through.

Jan April 28, 2013  

My dog is so important in my life, so I can understand how you must be feeling. Keep us posted - certainly hope she snaps right back to her usual self.

Brenda April 28, 2013  

They teal our hearts and it is such a worry when they are unwell. Hoping she is back to her old self soon,

pdudgeon May 01, 2013  

awwww, poor sweet pippi, give her a hug from us. Elijah the cat sends get well wishes too.

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