Wednesday, April 03, 2013

 I didn't hang around on this project, and got the blocks in one piece pretty quick. I really detest those long rows when sewing things together on point, so now I put the blocks together in smaller sections and I usually just have one long row at the end to manage.

 I also dislike trying to press the long seams in one direction, so that the blocks seams are bent over on themselves. So at the intersections I fold them out like this, and let the seams change the direction they're pressed. The points on the edges stay nice and crisp, and it's much easier all round.

 I think this is going to have an appliqued vine border, so the top will have to go back to the drawing board now, but I'm pleased with the progress so far.
 I was looking through some books the other day and something in this one caught my eye.
The photo is fairly indistinct, but the pieced blocks are sawtooth stars, lots and lots of them. They are a sort of russetty madder and the backgrounds are made from warm almost apricot lights. Having a bundle of fat quarters in that colour I decided to make a few stars and see if I can completely use them up.
 I'm just making the geese sets at the moment, and have about forty done so far. Irritatingly, I haven't used much fabric, and worse, discovered more fat quarters when I was going through the stash on the weekend. Oh well, it feels good to cut all this stuff up, and I've still got another forty or more sets of geese to make- I might come to the end of this colour one day.

The photo below is not true to life, the backgounds just look pale  brown, but in real life they are quite pinky apricot. They are also what Keryn and I call "glowy", meaning they don't sit nicely in the background and tend to dominate the colours around them.Time and again I reject them for that reason, which is why I'd like to sew them up once and for all, and never buy any more like that again.

It's funny that we have our own 'stash language' which we both understand immediately. We were shopping the other day for a cream fabric and the shop owner was trying to interest us in various bolts that she thought would work. We kept saying things like "Oh, that's too glowy" or "too strobey, too spotty, too linear, too bitty....." Eventually she just shook her head in bewilderment and left us to it. We know what we want  and most of the time what the quilt wants, but I'm sure other people think we're dreadfully fussy.


Pam in KC April 03, 2013  

I frequently used the section method of setting straight sets, but haven't tried it w/an on-point set. I wonder if I'll remember it when I do my next on-point quilt? Thanks for a great idea.

Sew Create It - Jane April 05, 2013  

I love that tip for piecing on point...such a great idea!

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