Saturday, April 13, 2013

 The blue and cream top is in one piece and folded away to await the border design- I'm still puzzling about the applique and wondering how complicated I want to make it....
I'm a sucker for Whitman's tins, and couldn't resist this one in the op-shop for fifty cents. (I really don't like the chocolate though, so I'm glad I didn't have to eat this lot). I've been making sets of four flying geese for my new star project, and sorting them into ziploc back in groups of five. I thought this tin would be nice to store them in, but...
It's full already! I have enough made for 59 sawtooth stars, and I want to make 80 before I start to play around with them.

I think I'll move them to this tin, which should fit all of them comfortably. I bought this years ago, and I made the boys  eat all the contents, because I only wanted the tin when it came down to it. I have seen ones for sale second hand that cost more than I paid for it full of chocolate, so they were a good investment.
So pretty, but I haven't seen any like this in the last few years.

Kathie has been talking about a project she's resurrected, and it made me laugh because I have one like it too. Hers is very scrappy, but I started mine as a leader-ender and I wanted all the little pieces to be a dark brown or blue, with light shirtings. The pieces are only 1 1/2" wide, so they make the perfect leader-enders, and they've been mounting up steadily too.
  I have enough for 25 blocks, but I'm not ready to sew them up yet. My version will be very much more subdued than Kathie's; isn't it amazing how we can  make all these patterns  look so individual? I love patchwork for that reason.


*karendianne. April 13, 2013  

Oh you're cracking me up with your story about having the boys eat the chocolate so you could use the tin!

Really enjoy your version of the nine patch. Pretty. It's great to see variations and learn!!! Always enjoy visiting. *kd.

Jan April 13, 2013  

Crisp, classic blue and white; love it!
A friend gifted me a Whitman's Sampler in the tin a few year's ago. She was thrilled when I only wanted the tin & re-gifted the candy to her:0) It is still in my sewing room, and full of little squares.
Oh, that pattern that Kathie and you are both tackling has been in my UFO pile for some time now. You are both inspiring me to get mine finished.

Karen April 13, 2013  

I have never seen a Whitman's tin like your bigger one. I don't care for chocolates either, so I would have had to have found an empty one. I have two tins that a good size bottle of liquor came in. I don't drink the liquor either and found the tins in a thrift store. I like them for storing my marking pencils, etc. The lids are hinged.

Sandy May 24, 2013  

What a great idea - the chocolate (or other)tins for storing your flying geese units. I've been pondering what to use for storing hst's and other small pieces. I'll have to start looking for something like this. Thanks for the great tip!

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