Sunday, February 03, 2013

 Ironing the last long seam on the Duck Paddle top.....

And it's in one piece. I love this part of patchwork, getting it all into one big piece and seeing the design come together.
 I've already chosen the borders for this, and I hope to be able to cut those later on today. I might not have time to sew them, but at least they'll be waiting.

My pile of 2" pieced strips is growing, they make good leader-enders. I sew them into pairs, then into fours, and finally add one more square on the end. The blue triangles are added as leader-enders too and it all mounts up surprisingly quickly. I'm going to have to put these on the design wall and make some decisions about how long I want the strips to be, so I don't end up with one piece 40 feet long.
While tidying I found some little cross blocks- tiny cross blocks in fact that measure 3 1/2" finished. There was a stack of the white setting triangles already cut and the little arms of each cross are 1 1/2 by 2" unfinished. I had a heap of them left from cutting the pastel squares from the leader- ender project- if I couldn't get another complete square from the end of the strip I cut a 1 1/2" bit. Are you allowed to have two leader-enders going at the same time?  Because that's what I seem to have going here....
I've been looking at other people's projects involving tiny blocks, the ones you need to make hundreds of for a full size top, and dithering about what I'd like to do. Not spools, not bow-ties, not house blocks, not little pieced children, definitley not Dear Jane. I love all those blocks, but being realistic I can't see myself doing them dozens of times over. I'll have to be content to look at other blogger's versions of those.
But this block I like and it's so easy to do just finger pressing each seam; they're finished before I realise it. I'm only doing the pastel colours to use up the white triangles, I think there's enough for about thirty blocks so it will be quite small. Then I can start doing some reproduction ones......and see how far I get!


Sue SA February 03, 2013  

I noticed that Bonnie Hunter has started a new leaders and enders project, so I think 2 at the same time is OK! Well thats what I tell myself!

The pink really sets of the brown duck paddle boxs, looks lovely.
The tiny cross blocks are so sweet, they will make a nice mini something - wall hanging, table runner, dolls quilt?

Chookyblue...... February 03, 2013  

love the look of this quilt............

Henrietta February 07, 2013  

Just getting my Oz fix. As usual love everything. Have you thought about making a horizontal strippy quilt with batches of your tiny blocks? Some rows separated with sashing and some not?

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