Sunday, February 17, 2013

Remember I mentioned last year in November that I was going to have another grandchild in February? Well the due date is just over a week away and I'm flying to New South Wales tomorrow morning so that I can help look after these two rascals.
Hopefully Elisa can have a bit of a rest while I chase after Logan, and get ready for the new baby. No-one knows the sex, which is unusual these days. But I kinda like the suspense; a brother for Logan would be handy, but a girl would be such a novelty for me.Even when I was a child minder for a living, they were all boys!

I don't know if I'll be able to post much over there- I feel like I just got into the swing of it again, and of course the show and tell of finished tops will slow down for a while. I still have one more lot of photos to share, the Devil's Claws are now in one piece. (I've always hated that name, but I don't think it has another)

Pippi and Dolly are staying with Matt so that we can get an early start on the drive to Adelaide. Last night I got an email from him titled "Your Bloody Dog!!"  Ahem, seems she had not taken long to do a bit of excavating in his vegie garden. I'll have some apologising to do when I get back, sigh.  Keryn will have her for most of the three weeks I'll be gone, but she's already made plans to put netting over the garden beds. Bad, Bad Pippi....
 Who me? Not guilty!

Tickets, money, passport...what have I forgotten? (the passport reference is just a joke from Ab Fab, we always say it before a trip)  I haven't really got a handsewing project in mind, but I'm taking some fabric and a little tin of metal templates, and I'll have a play around, if I've got time. Nana might be zonked out at the end of each day and go bed at the same time as the two year old!

Cross your fingers that I'll be able to post from over there, and thanks for all your encouraging comments on my top finishing spree. There's still plenty more to do when I get back. Talk to you soon I hope!


Sue SA February 17, 2013  

Is the baby getting a quilt? Or are you saving that for after its born and you know the gender? Drove my mother nuts not knowing what I was having...but I am so bad at keeping secrets DH said we wouldnt find out before did make for a nice surprise. Hope it all goes well, I am sure you will be so busy having fun that there wont be time for sewing or blogging!

Unknown March 01, 2013  

Isn't "Money, tickets, passport" from 'A Fish Called Wanda'?
Have fun in NSW!! xx

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