Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 When Keryn showed a collection of blocks in a recent post, I saw one that was inspired by a set I made a while ago. I'd seen an antique quilt, so I drafted the pattern and I had tremendous fun piecing about thirty of them. But I could never decide on a setting fabric- the original used pink and I've got soooo many quilts set with that colour.

 So last week I got them out and tried a few different combinations and I think I will use a mid brown of some kind.
 At the moment I'm leaning towards the yellowy brown on the right in the last photo, but I like the others too. I'll think about this while I set another pile of old blocks together, it's never-ending UFO's around here.


Kathie February 13, 2013  

I am really starting to wonder how many ufo's you do have! do you count one block as a ufo! LOL
the block your playing with now I have seen an antique quilt like this too , made one block and its in a drawer NO I don't count that as a ufo! lots of times I will make a block of an antique quilt I see just to have the pattern for future use or just to make it... do you do that too?

I like the fabric in the top picture as the alternate fabric from the pictures.

Karen February 14, 2013  

My eye went immediately to the yellowy brown you are leaning toward. It is a bit brighter and gives life to the look of the quilt. It amazes me how you have so many sets of blocks you can pull out of the rabbit's hat and can play with settings, etc.

Sue SA February 14, 2013  

What an interesting block! Looks great....would love to see them on point! Dont mind me, I love everything on point :0)

Diane February 14, 2013  

What an interesting block, I have never seen one like that.
I like the same fabric for the alternate square. I too would love to hear more about your UFOs. Your blog always makes me smile.

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