Sunday, January 06, 2013

Two of the projects that I want to work on are blocks that I started years ago.This was in my brown phase when I couldn't close the fat quarter drawers because they were full to bursting. I cut kits of these blocks, a Duck's Foot, Duck Paddle, or whatever you like to call it..
and this pattern which I've seen called Flying Crosses. 
 I 'd made 14 of these blocks and had the dark pieces cut for at least ten more, so first on the list of things to do was cut more background pieces.
 I cut some pieces for the Duck Paddle at the same time and sewed some half square units. When it's super hot this afternoon I'll start sewing them all together.

I think this is the photo that inspired the Flying Crosses, but that green looks ill matched to the old blocks. I don't know how I'd originally intended to set these, but I had a length of green fabric on the table and laid the blocks on it just to see. It looks better than the green in the photo, but I'm not committing myself to anything just yet....


Sue SA January 07, 2013  

Love the Flying Crosses on point with wide sashing, but could I suggest a royal blue?

Linda C January 07, 2013  

Love your blocks. Funny coincidence. I own the antique quilt which is the Inspiration for your Flying crosses blocks. Can't wait to see what you decide to set them with.

Jan January 07, 2013  

Great blocks; great color - I've never not been in a brown phase!

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