Saturday, January 19, 2013

 I've been trying to work out borders for a few old tops and pulled out this project.

I'd set the blocks together last year and put it away when I made a nasty discovery. I'd used some scraps from a friend and I think this blue and white fabric must have had some spray glue or something on it.
  I didn't notice this discolouration at the time but gradually every seam has yellowed and it looked really dirty. I think it's more like a scorch mark from the iron. Wouldn't you know it, I'd used this fabric in at least nine blocks, and to say I was discouraged was an understatement. I put it away while I debated what to do, and then I started to sew replacement blocks in between my other hand piecing at night. I couldn't face ditching the whole project, but I really wish I hadn't had to sew those stars again.

I've got this far unpicking rows and setting them back together and I'm pretty bored by now. I'll be glad when it's done and I can get onto something else with a clear conscience. I think I'll examine gifted scraps a bit more closely in future and I might save myself some hassle.


antique quilter January 19, 2013  

I am so sorry this happened. Have to admit it has happened to me as well. the quilt is going to be beautiful though glad your replacing them .
me, I gave the ufo away :)

Sue SA January 20, 2013  

Very frustrating and puzzling, never had that happen to me. I have had the misfortune of the colour running though. You have done half, so perhaps it can go back in the box for six months! Then when you pick it up again hopefully you will think "Oh, only a few more blocks to make!"

Unknown January 21, 2013  

Try a product called Vintage Soak. I used it on quilt blocks from the 1940s. The maker knew embroidery but not how to put the blocks together. They were horribly yellowed from gas heat. I put them in a bucket w/ VS and left them for hours and it took all the yellow out. I've used it on pin rust from being left in quilt blocks too. Good luck.

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