Sunday, July 03, 2011

I spent last night watching a dvd and sewing random pieces, and then saved all the pressing for this morning. A nice prospect; lazy Sunday morning, cup of coffee and seeing all the little seams laying down flat under the iron. Now I can arrange these units into blocks and set up my next sewing jag for when I can get to the machine.
Here are the red cross album blocks set together, awaiting corner triangles and a border idea. I think there will be a wide cream border on the outside to show up quilting, but there might be triangles or squares around the blocks. Something will occur to me.

The block in the corner of the design wall is Bonnie's Nifty Thrifty from Scraps and Shirtails- I didn't even realise it was there until I downloaded the photo. I think it's a great block and there will be some scraps cut up for a quilt soon.

Dolly and Pippi were sitting on the lounge looking so cute that I quietly got the camera out to take some photos. Keryn held up a biscuit to get their attention but it worked too well and resulted in this pose. Dolly is humming "Biiiscuts......mmmmm" and Pippi knows she has to "Sit" before she gets one- even if it's on top of her sister.
We had a customer and her grand-daughter come to pick up some quilts yesterday, and the girl had never seen Pippi before. She likes to visit because she was a fan of Dolly's but she fell in love with Pippi and spent ages patting both of them. Some people think because Pippi is bigger than Dolly she's her mother, but when Keryn remarked on this the little girl said "No, she still has puppy eyes". How astute of her.Ahh, puppy eyes..


Seonaid Emmerson July 04, 2011  

Naw I missses the puppies, oh and you guys too of course :-)
It's so busy here I barely have time to miss anyone!

Meggie July 08, 2011  

Oh those puppy eyes!

julieQ July 18, 2011  

I love your flying geese blocks as well as the puppy eyes!!

quiltmom anna July 18, 2011  

Love the photos of the dogs Keryn- and it shows some wonderful puppy love. I bet the dogs loved having the little girl to play with too.
Warmest regards,

antique quilter July 31, 2011  

oh my lots of wonderful projects , the flying geese though is my favorite and can't wait to see it finished.
I have always wanted to make this quilt too....
just beautiful...keep going
I know its hard to stay focused sometimes but well its worth it when a quilt is finished!

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