Saturday, July 16, 2011

I love pressing all the bits I've sewn and lining them up in neat rows.I'm making piles and piles of flying geese and sewing them into rows of four, and while they were on the ironing board I played around and came up with some new setting ideas to try out. But not now; these pieces are going to become this block, which I saw in one of the Stashbusters photo albums.
I've been cutting up lots of scraps and have got about forty blocks made so far, and another twenty or so cut out. It was to have lasted me quite a while as a kit for in between other projects, but I became obsessed with it, as you do. Now I might just as well push ahead and finish it, sigh. I have good plans, but rarely follow them, I usually prefer to go with the flow and do what interests me at the time.
I also pressed some nine patches for the centre of my album variation,
and these three stars, which I was piecing at night while I watch the telly. Years ago I cut all my repro scraps into diamonds and I've sewn literally hundreds of these stars yet still have stacks of diamonds left in the container. After two hundred plus Lemoyne stars I've started another project using the diamonds and hopefully that will see a few more gone.

But strangely I'm also cutting more hand piecing bits to finish an old UFO. There seems to be no logic to this process- trying to get rid of one lot of diamonds, while creating another new pile of them at the same time, but what the heck. When my Sensible Self ventures to query my methods I just hiss "Don't Question Me!!" and keep on cutting.


Jan July 17, 2011  

Your flying geese blocks are great. I recall seeing this pattern at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. And, your stars! The one with two background fabrics; I don't remember seeing that done before. It's a great effect!

Leeanne July 18, 2011  

Beautiful.....LOVE your fabrics.

Henrietta July 19, 2011  

I have been working on an enormous 'thing' for my son which is boring and tedious to the Nth degree but I thought I would make a few album blocks (not exactly like yours) to relieve the boredom. Addictive little things they are.

Today I get to see a plumber about a quote.

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