Saturday, June 25, 2011

Henrietta asked what the stack of blue boxes in a previous photo were. They're from a hardware store and were originally meant to store nuts and bolts and suchlike. But they looked useful for a sewing room, so I bought four sets and I've used them in numerous ways over the years.
At one stage they formed a set of shelves, with boards in between them, and now they're serving to hold up a shelf above my sewing area. One contains all sorts of sewing gear, measures and cutting blades and bobbins and marking pencils.

The other has a series of narrow strips in them, when I thought I'd use such things. And I mean narrow, ranging from 3/4" to 1 1/4". The latter I still save, and have started a log cabin using them, but I decided I didn't want to keep the others. I thought I might make applique stems from them, but that's probably not going to happen so I've stopped cutting those sizes. I suppose I should repurpose the drawers but I haven't decided what to put in them yet.

Yesterday I weeded all the small lengths from the 1 1/2" drawer and sewed them into pairs, then crosscut them into 1 1/2" slices.
From these I sewed forty tiny four patches which will join the others I've already made. I have two quilts in mind to use them up, but that's a long way off.
I like to tidy up the strip drawers like this occasionally; it only takes half an hour or so and the stack of four patches is growing nicely.


Henrietta July 02, 2011  

I started a postage stamp 'thing' last year at Lori's. All those pieces of usable material weeping in the trash can got to me. Just leaders and enders. After a while I thought maybe a postage stamp pillow instead of a quilt. I don't know if I will live long enough for a quilt.

I took it home with me and it is still sitting in its baggie but much to my surprise Lori produced a whole chunk of them this year which I must have forgotten when I left.

This year I am rescuing 3-1/2 in squares, a postcard project rather than postage stamps.

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