Sunday, June 19, 2011

I love the blocks that are on my design wall now. They're like an album, but with more of a checkerboard feel to them. I wrote a post about them years ago, and how many variations of them I'd already made.

I'd sewn the red block and the one with the green background a while ago and they suddenly wanted to be turned into a whole project or two. Two more WIP's don't matter to me, and I'm loving how they're turning out.
I sew the blocks together in batches and leave the corners till last, and it always amuses me how they look like stars before I press them open. This would make a very cute block if I ever get around to it, but I won't be sidetracked at the moment.
However, I did feel a tad guilty about the old sets of blocks, so I've started putting one lot together. It won't be anything fancy, and there's only twelve so it won't be big either.
I'm still not connected to the internet- I won't have a big spit about it here but hopefully this week will see me back in the loop. I've missed blogging regularly because there's no record of all the time that's gone by. It's handy to have my projects documented here, and other events like the birth of the puppies.

Here's Pippi enjoying a bit of winter sunshine, we've had some very cold days here and ice on the car in the mornings. I love winter!


sewprimitive karen June 19, 2011  

Oh, I thought they were stars. You are right, those would also make nice blocks. These are gorgeous and Pippi is looking full of personality. Envy you your temperatures, it's boiling hot over so much of the US.

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