Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My backing squares are piling up nicely, and I think I have enough now but I have very little time to sew at the moment. I have to move house very soon and most of my spare moments are taken up with packing and sorting and throwing things out. After our Mum died four years ago I didn't have to get rid of her things as we were living in the same house, something I was very glad of at the time. It's much less painful to let some of those objects go now, but it does mean I have more work to do. But Keryn is helping, and it feels good to declutter and streamline possessions sometimes.
This is the orphan top I'm working on; it will probably have a few more borders around this centre part but I haven't decided yet. I don't want it to be too big so I don't think there's too much left to do here.

Yesterday we drove into the neighbouring town and were amused by these cloud formations on the way. The little blobby ones kept forming into bird shapes, splitting up and then becoming birds again.

Kept us entertained for at least ten minutes!


Tamera September 01, 2010  

I love the orphan block quilt!

My thoughts are with you as you go through your mother's things. It must be very difficult. So wonderful that you have your sister to help.

Karen September 01, 2010  

Your orphan quilt top is very interesting. A nice setting. I have orphan blocks but I don't know how they would look all set together.

My mother lived with us the last ten years of her life. She gave away almost every thing before she made the move. I did not have to go through what you are doing now. I kept her old Singer sewing machine for several years but finally let my sister have it. She had wanted it too.

Leeanne September 02, 2010  

That quilt you are working is really lovely...keep going, well in between packing!
It's neat to take time to look skyward...spiderwebs with dew on them always make me smile.

Meggie September 04, 2010  

My mother had decluttered most of her belongings before she died. I fear I will not be so organised.
We have had some fascinating clouds lately too... alas I have not had camera at the ready.

Tazzie September 05, 2010  

I hope all your organising and moving is going well, and that you're managing to keep dry.
The orphan block top is adorable, your quilts always look gorgeous and vintage - definitely right up my alley.
Be sure to have a great weekend hon.

Henrietta September 05, 2010  

I am sorry you are having to move. I can't imagine anything worse. Wish I could stop by and help.

julieQ September 13, 2010  

Good luck with all your organizing and decluttering...I am in the process too!! Gorgeous quilt usual!!

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