Friday, August 13, 2010

Keryn has been chopping up piles of fabric like a woman possessed, and it's inspired me to attack my stash too. I've been trying to whittle down the brown section, but I've made at least four sets of blocks already and have barely made a dent. I'm never going to get anywhere just cutting out a block here and a block there. Time to get drastic.
I went through the fat quarter drawers (three of them) and tried to be ruthless. Everything that was nibbled at, was thin quality or just plain old got piled on the table. I ended up with 14 metres of bits and pieces, and the drawers slid in a little easier.
I had fun pressing all the bits, some of them were still precious and others I was glad to see the back of. The telly in the sewing room came in useful again.

I am cutting for two sets of blocks, one a Duck's Foot in the Mud,
and the other a Yankee Puzzle so I quickly used up some of the smaller pieces. The Yankee Puzzle will be blue and brown and red)
But the pile wasn't diminishing fast enough to suit me, so I cast around for another idea. Then I remembered something I'd seen on this blog, (Kathleen Tracy) scroll down to see the antique quilt.
The front is gorgeous but the back was just the ticket for my pile of browns. Of course mine aren't beautiful madders like this antique, but they'll do. I have a top made from brown orphan blocks which will look great with this. The trouble is I think I've got enough for two backings, but an extra one won't go astray!
I've cut out dozens of 5 1/2" squares (bigger than the antique one but I want this to go quickly) and I've sewed up about 50 of them so far.Blindingly fast and almost instant progress, a four patch is 10 1/2" and covers a lot of ground.
I think I'll try to make a few four patches a day, and I'll be done before you know it.


pdudgeon August 15, 2010  

i like your idea of patching the backs. i did that recently with my "Farmers Market" quilt using 10.5 inch squares. the quilt back looked just like bins of fruit and veggies at a market place, and i got a reversable quilt.

Kathie August 15, 2010  

as always an inspiring post
ah yes I have plans on making a quilt like this too
just love browns!!!!
that quilt is amazing I would love to make the front of the quilt too
the back of the quilt just for a utlity quilt and to hand quilt it freehand with pearl cotton is my goal!

Isobel August 16, 2010  

Love that idea for a backing. I may have to try it.

Quilts And Pieces August 17, 2010  

what a great idea! And I've seen that antique quilt - it is awesome!

Kate September 01, 2010  

I SO love greens, browns, rusts etc. I'm really drooling over those gorgeous squares! My next quilt will definitely have to be in those colours. Working on a snowball quilt at the moment with an abundance of blue fabric I bought a few weeks ago.
Love your blog.
Shetland Isles

Lynda (Granny K) September 12, 2010  

The back looks just great to me! I'd love to hibernate for the winter under it, browns are such soothing shades.

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