Friday, August 14, 2009

It was our local show last Saturday, and unfortunately Keryn and I didn't get to go. But the quilt in the last post won the trophy for the best quilt, so I was pretty pleased.

I've been really trying to make a dent in the customer tops, and was making good progress until Wednesday, when five new ones came in. Back to square one with all the shelves full, and more promised to us...I feel like I'm running on the spot! But that's better than sitting around twiddling my thumbs, after all, this is what I do for a job! A friend of ours has 90 customer tops waiting, I think that would freak me out, having that many, I'd feel like I'd never get them all done.

Rob and Elisa have been going to dancing lessons, originally so they could do a wedding dance (which knocked everyone's socks off, they were very polished), and their instructor encouraged them to enter the GDS Dance National Competition in Canberra. They went off expecting to have a bit of fun, and came home with three trophies, First in Modern Jive, and Elisa came second in Dance with a Stranger (where they swap the couples around) and Rob came third. I'm very proud of them, and my Mum would have been over the moon, she was a wonderful dancer in her time.But the evening ended on a dramatic note, with Elisa having an asthma attack, being raced off in an ambulance and spending the night in hospital. Poor girl, from the Highs to the Lows, just like that.


pdudgeon August 14, 2009  

congrats to both of them! so sorry for the hospital visit, but having won helps take the sting out of that.

sewprimitive karen August 15, 2009  

How interesting that they could win trophies so soon after doing lessons, what fun! And congratulations on your quilt doing so well too!

Sew Create It - Jane August 15, 2009  

Congrats to them both...but what a shame it ended in the hospital. I do hope she is feeling better soon.

Meggie August 18, 2009  

I hope Elisa is recovered.
Congratulations to them for their trophies! I loved to dance, back in the day.

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