Saturday, August 29, 2009

The borders are finished on the little basket top, it turned out quite sweet I think.
And I found this set of blocks in a project box and whipped them together to make a baby quilt-another UFO tackled. I don't feel any guilt about the tops I have, only the bits and pieces sitting around, so my flush of triumph is usually reserved for when the top is in one piece, not when the quilt is bound. A strange attitude, but it's mine.

Even stranger is my elation, not at the prospect of a finished quilt, but having an Empty Box!! Oohh, what can I put in there now?I've been rearranging my projects quite a bit, and have finished a few lately, but my reaction seems to be "Look at all the empty containers!!Yay!" rather than satisfaction at finishing something.

Matthew bathed Dolly the other day, and Macca climbed in too, just to keep her company. She doesn't share her Dad's passion for water, and made it plain that it isn't her element. He happily licked the soapsuds off her nose and tried to get her to play, but she was most unhappy. Perhaps she'll like it better when it's stinking hot in summer but from the look on her face I doubt it.


Tazzie August 30, 2009  

I know exactly how you feel - I love it when I empty a container. It's the mix of knowing that I've used up a heap of scraps, and having a fresh container for a brand new project.

Karen August 30, 2009  

I really like the basket quilt! The blue quilt is sweet as can be.
If you need something to fill the empty box with, I can send you something. No problem at all.

pdudgeon August 30, 2009  

love both quilts too! they both look perfect.

LOL, at Dolly and Macca.

antique quilter August 30, 2009  

both quilts are wonderful
ah an empty basket always fun , you know it will be refilled quickly!
just start cutting and sewing!
oh the bathtime picture is adorable!
hopefully she will like it better next time!

Pam in KC August 31, 2009  

I have a pile of quilt tops which is larger than my pile of quilts in pieces. It's the quilts in pieces which bother me as well.

sewprimitive karen August 31, 2009  

Oh, I emptied a shoe box sized tub last night and it felt good, I hardly ever do that :-). The little quilts are really darling, so are the wash time pups.

Mary Johnson September 01, 2009  

I love putting the last stitch in a binding and having a completed quilt but like you I get very excited about a finished top too.

I don't mind having lots of tops waiting for quilting because when I need a quilt I can chose one and quickly quilt it up.

Meggie September 07, 2009  

Binding is one of my favourite parts of quilting!
Poor Dolly. Our dogs love to swim in the sea, but a bath... whole other story! Cant figure them out.

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