Thursday, August 20, 2009

I love it when my floor looks like this, it means I've been busy cutting and getting lots done. You'd think I could take a bit of extra time and make sure the offcuts hit the bin, but I get carried away and just fling them off the edge of the table. Easy enough to pick it all up later when I've calmed down.

This is the other project I completed to the border stage. This is going to be a Big quilt, but I had such fun making the blocks I couldn't stop. I still don't think I've finished with them, even though there are forty-two in this top.
I do love brown and red together, mmm.Remember my Leader- Ender project that I said I wouldn't rush ahead with? I've been good and plugging away, but inspired with my other progress I decided to lay it out and see how far I'd got.

STILL not enough for a top, let alone one the size that Bonnie does. Sometimes I use parts of the main project as Leader-Enders, so that can cut down how much I get done on this, but I thought I was nearly done here. I need another ten or twelve sections I estimate, so it's not going to finish any time soon unless I break my vow and concentrate on this alone. Which is very tempting at the moment...


Vicki W August 20, 2009  

I love that quilt! Can
t wait to see what you do for borders.

Brenda August 20, 2009  

Love both the new quilts.

Karen August 20, 2009  

The red & tan quilt top is a winner! Your blocks are pieced so well. What is the name of the block pattern?

MARCIE August 20, 2009  

I love brown and red also. This is a wonderful quilt. And your leader-ender quilt might hook me into doing L&Es. Love the pink centers.

Kucki68 August 21, 2009  

The brown and red looks fabulous! As for the fling: how about taping a plastic bad to your cutting surface and just swishing it in there?

Tazzie August 22, 2009  

The floral and red quilt top looks just lovely - such a pretty block. And of course I'm just loving your leader and ender project - good for you for not letting it bully you into being a 'main' project.

julieQ August 25, 2009  

Wow, your reds are wonderful! Love all those little trimmings. Your leaders and enders are wonderful too...did you see Bonnie's new book? All about leaders and enders!

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