Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Henrietta asked for the recipe for Spicy Bengali Potatoes and when I track the book down I'll post it. I've lent it to either Keryn or Matt and I can't remember who.I whipped this UFO together on the weekend as a change from the bushfire tops and customer quilting. The blocks were begun by Keryn, from scraps of blue and cheddar. She rapidly got sick of them for some reason and on one of my visits to her talked of throwing them out. Into my suitcase they went and at home I made more from my scraps, until I had twenty of them. They didn't want to be set together with anything in my stash at the time, so they sat and waited for a few more years , until this green came along. It looks rather like a woven coverlet pattern, and I think it might get a pieced border, but I haven't decided yet.

The scraps for this came mostly from our longarming friend Kaye, who is generous to a fault.She has a bin where bits of backing and oddments get thrown and every time we go there she says "Take what you want!" I don't need to be told twice, but on Keryn's recent trip to Syndey she did the unthinkable. When Kaye said "Pack those scraps up and take them home for Meredith".........gasp.... I'm feeling faint.....hyperventilating a bit..... Keryn LEFT THEM THERE!.

She claims it was because her airline baggage was already 6 kilos over the limit and she'd posted home over 30 kilos of fabric and goodies (!) but still! Scraps! Free! and left in Sydney. Sigh.

Keryn has an alter ego called Greedy Jean and mine is Ima Pigg. They surface whenever there is Stuff to be had, and we do try to control them, honestly. But really cheap fabric is Greedy Jeans trigger, and Ima's weakness is scraps. As Keryn was unpacking all her haul from Sydney, (and sharing it generously with me I hasten to add) I looked at the groaning table and the piles of wool and fabric and sang "Greedy Jean came out to play, now Greedy Jean won't go away!!"

But the bolts of new fabric are for our little shop and some of it will be made into backings for bushfire quilts, and Sydney Show comes but once a year, doesn't it? Nuff excuses.

Dolly can be sooo silly at times. The other day she spent about 15 minutes like this on her back,waggling her paws in the air and barking at the ceiling. Every now and then her back foot said something reeeally cheeky and she had to chew it ferociously, while wiggling in a circle and growling at it. Her tail is equally impertinent, and several times a day she attempts to catch it and teach it a lesson, but she hasn't succeeded yet. This is accompanied by squeals and growls and groans of frustration- Staffies can make the most incredible noises at times. I didn't realise they were so vocal until we had Macca.

And sometimes she just lies and dreams her own thoughts, all toasty under a blankie......


Fran June 23, 2009  


found this in Ms. Google, might be your recipe?

sewprimitive karen June 23, 2009  

Dolly is a riot, so precious! I LOVE LOVE your quilt, how it looks like a woven coverlet. I LOVE IT.

pdudgeon June 23, 2009  

i love what you manage to do with scraps! as for the ones in Sidney, no problem. Just send an SOS to Kaye and offer to pay the postage if she'll do the packing. sounds like a reasonable solution that would work for both of you.

meggie June 24, 2009  

Dolly has just utterly stolen your heart hasn't she? She is an adorable little lass. I will bet she gave Keryn a royal welcome too!
I rather like that quilt top, & love the green fabric.

Henrietta June 25, 2009  

That tummy looks very kissable Dolly, my little Jack Russell Tina likes to play like a baby where you blow on her tummy making rude noises. She closes her eyes when I inhale (very noisily) in delicious anticipation and then runs all over the house being cracker dog before coming back for more. This at 16 years old.

Cant wait for the potato recipe, I love taters.

julieQ June 29, 2009  

Cutie Dolly! She is precious. I really like your nine-patch quilt with the green..mmmm!

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