Saturday, June 13, 2009

I finished quilting this Bear Paw and it wasn't until I hung it up that I realised how big it is. Phew, it's good to have that done.I did some freehand in the border, I think cream just cries out for feathers.....
The same customer did this embroidered baby quilt too, lots of little piggies on this one. She obviously likes blue and cream,and so did all the other people that saw these in the workroom. It's a timeless combination.

I sewed up lots of bits at Patchwork on Monday, and by next day I had 112 of these little four patch blocks. And one lone four patch left over.

By gum, they flew together, having the four patches on hand meant that I was more than half done before I started. I think I'll just sew them all together willy-nilly and see what happens.

Is 'willy-nilly' less challenging than 'random'? We have a dear friend at Patchwork who does the most beautiful amazing work and is known for her perfectionism. Whenever someone mentions 'random' settings she gets a worried look on her face and pretends to hyperventilate. She declares that she's cutting 2 1/2" squares and one day she's going to put them all in a paper bag and then just sew them into pairs, whatever she pulls out first. We say "Yes Dear" in a soothing tone, we'll believe it when we see it!

And I probably will play with these as I lay them out, because I don't like the same fabrics touching and I like to distribute the lights and darks.... so I don't do willy-nilly that well either, do I?

After typing 'willy-nilly' so many times I had to go and look up the phrase and it was quite interesting. I like 'hitty missy' too, might start using that!


pdudgeon June 13, 2009  

beautiful blue and cream quilts, and i love your fethers!

those willy-nilly patches look great. That will make a great quilt for someone.

Mary Johnson June 13, 2009  

Lots of fun stuff in this post - blue and cream is a favorite combination of mine too as are double 4 patch quilts.

I don't have so much trouble with random or willy-nilly but I do struggle with not being symmetric in my quilting... I love a lot of asymmetry you see in antique quilts but have trouble using it in my personal quilts.

Karen June 13, 2009  

I wish I could free-hand feathers. And you are quite right. I think blue & white quilts look gorgeous with feather quilting.

sewprimitive karen June 14, 2009  

How interesting to read about willy nilly! Your feathers are so gorgeous.

Lori in South Dakota June 14, 2009  

the bear paw was awesome, and I do LOVE scrappy 4 patches. I'm not sure I can do "random"--but I can do "wildly scrappy!"

Sharon T in Napa June 16, 2009  

Just discovered your blog and read for quite a long time! It's great, thank you. I'm fairly new to "regular" blogging, will enjoy following you.
Your quilts are awesome, and being a scrappy lover makes it even better.

meggie June 16, 2009  

I find it very hard to be too willy nilly. Like you, I want no two colours to touch.
My grandmother used shilly shally.

julieQ June 17, 2009  

Love the bear paw...please package it and send it this way...right away! LOL! Truly, it is gorgeous.

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