Sunday, May 24, 2009

My drawer of 2" strips was bugging me because it was too full and was getting hard to shut. So I weeded through them and made this pile to turn into....hmm, something.

I limited myself to using the medium and dark strips, as they were the most plentiful. I lined them up roughly and chopped them into 8 1/2" lengths. That went pretty quickly, it's nice not having to be accurate for a change.

Some people might just sew the long strips together, but I loathe sewing 42" seams, and by cutting the pieces roughly to size I could have a greater variety as I paired up the fabrics.
I sewed them into pairs, grabbing whatever came to hand,

then sewed the pairs together to make a set of four strips.

I divided the sets into two piles and added a dark strip to one lot, and a medium strip to the other, making five strips all together.

Then I squared them up to eight inches
and had enough to make a small lap rug. Perhaps.....I'll show some other ideas for them in another post. The main thing is, I can shut the 2" strip drawer now!

And Keryn was remarking on her blog that Dolly considers herself a lap dog- I wonder why? When Keryn comes around to watch telly at my place and work on her crochet, Dolly is there at the chair, standing on her hind legs and begging to come up. She lies on the wool, squeezes Keryn over to one side of the chair, paws at the crochet hook, reaches up to give little kisses. Then she gets sleeepy and nods off, completely happy and usually in some position that makes further work next to impossible. As Keryn said, there'll come a time when she's too big to fit on anyone's lap, so we might as well make the most of it while she's little.


Kathie May 24, 2009  

Dolly is just adorable!!!!
I Love your new quilt
I am working on the same style quilt but with my 1 1/2" strips, they just seem to grow everyday!
I am hoping a queen size quilt will allow me to shut the basket of them again!
Isn't it fun revisiting with some of our favorite fabrics making scrappy quilts?


Tazzie May 24, 2009  

I wonder if we'll ever tame our scrap drawers? I feel confident that my scraps are breeding, there's just no other rational explanation. Dolly is adorable, isn't it a shame they're little for such a short time.

pdudgeon May 24, 2009  

yep i agree i'm going to have to get my scraps weeded out and organized as well. Dolly looks soo cute!

sewprimitive karen May 25, 2009  

Precious Dolly, she's just a little baby!

quiltmom May 25, 2009  

Lovely rail tie quilt - Great way to use up some scraps- Isn't it amazing how beautiful scrap quilts can look - no matter what fabrics you use to make them- ugly or beautiful they all turn out gorgeous!
Dolly is a gorgeous puppy- she is a true cuddle bunny- We once had a dog who continued to maintain that mentality even when she was full grown- It was a challenge because she was 60 lbs as an adult dog!
In the meantime- enjoy cuddling with Dolly- she is too cute!

I am with Tazzie the scrap drawer/ pail continues to grow and multiple..Glad you found a solution

JJ May 25, 2009  

I love the rail fence top too and it's an easy way to make something beautiful from scraps.
Hugs Jan Mac

Karen May 25, 2009  

I had not visited your blog for a while. I was going back through some of your older posts. I love the quilts that you make! So suits my style.

Brenda May 25, 2009  

With a little face like that how could you not resist.

meggie May 29, 2009  

Dolly is so sweet! Who would not fall in love with her.
I love seeing your scrap ideas.

Henrietta June 01, 2009  

I am so glad you kept Dolly, I like her markings the best of all, good Jack Russel brock stripe there.

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