Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I might have been pretty quiet lately, but I assure you I'm still busy sewing. But the demise of the camera means I've had to go back to an ancient digital one that takes forever to focus, drains the batteries and goes to sleep at inopportune moments. I hate not having a reliable camera anymore!

And because I don't want to post without photos I've been putting off blogging too. I'll just have to dig up old pictures from my files to give you something to look at, hmphh.

At our lessons yesterday our friend Sonia finished the main part of her top and is now ready for the borders, yay! She has a million ideas for her next quilt(s) so we'll be doing lots of cutting at the next session. This was an Annie Downes pattern and there are some beautiful stitcheries here that you can't see because of my geriatric camera, grr.
A lot of work went into this, but it's turned out lovely, except that the colours are very washed out because of.....geriatric camera

Last year I tried to take a photo, however rough, of all my projects so I could have a visual record of them. I don't know the actual number, but trust me, it's three digits...

So while photo fare is scarce, I'll show a few of my Ufo's, just to have something to look at. And then when I finish them you'll know what I'm talking about Ha!

These string blocks are very old, made when Matt was about two years old. (He's 21 now...) The diamonds are pieced from dressmaking scraps from our teen years- Keryn will remember each and every one of them. Dancing dresses, sundresses, some scaps from Mum's shifts and blouses. They are set with different pastel backgrounds and I think there's only twelve, so they wouldn't take much to finish. Just not yet.

And this is a Mariners Compass that I've started, this one's only about five years old. I have in mind some red and green applique to set in alternate squares and an elaborate border. Yep, I'm quite clear about that, but this block is the only finished one, although I've prepared a lot of the rest. Won't take me that long once I decide to finish it.

I'm trying to get the bushfire quilts finished, and I have three more tops to photograph and at least three more nearly done. My floor is awash with threads and offcuts, so I must be getting through the pile of donated scraps, surely. I'm looking forward to sewing to my own projects again, I've missed them.

Matt has taken up Art Photography, and here is his Still Life With Pup and Flowers.


Anonymous,  May 06, 2009  

LOVE the picture!!

did you wear the poor little thing out to get her to stay still?

sewprimitive karen May 07, 2009  

That is a GREAT art photo!

Dineke May 09, 2009  

Nice UFO pictures. And I love the Art picture.

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