Monday, December 08, 2008

Well, it seems that my talents could be in demand, judging by your response! Keryn and I will organise the Stash Tidy Tour 2009 and let you know when we'll be in your area. She's just along to carry the bags of course.....

Judy had a Quiltathon weekend, and we decided to join in. I sewed at home on Saturday and jumped all over the place with lots of different projects.

I started these green Duck Paddle blocks last month, based yet again on a quilt I saw on ebay. I wanted to use a pile of old greens and try to stay just in two colour mode, so green and cream it is. I've got about 14 of these done now and lots more cut out.
I began setting these blocks and got all the rows done, now I just need to cut out the setting triangles for the sides and that can be finished.

I had a heap of these cream triangles cut so I'm thinking of cross blocks for my next leader ender project, hmmm, skinny or fat? I'm just making both at the moment...And these are my old leader ender blocks which are coming to an end, have to see about a setting for them too.

I cut out dozens of blocks for other projects, if Keryn can't stop sewing, I can't stop cutting! I know Christmas plans will derail the sewing for a bit, and I figure that if everything's cut I might be able to put a few bits together at odd moments. I have a mountain of tiny offcuts on the floor by my table, it's quite impressive actually. SOOO much fabric has been chopped up in the last few days I'm feeling quite virtuous.

After tea I went around to Keryn's place and we sewed until the very early hours. The coffee kept coming, the tv entertained us and both sewing machines whirred steadily along. I can't believe how much we got done, and it all seemed effortless. How nice to sew with good company and be spurred on by each other's efforts.
I got the last ten of these album blocks finished, except for those two missing corner triangles. I couldn't find them anywhere, but yesterday I got down and ferreted under the machine table and found them behind a stack of drawers. Won't take me long to sew them on.

I went home at 3.30 and I wasn't even yawning! Talking to Keryn later the next day we discovered that we both woke up at exactly 11.20, must have been on the same internal clock.
I went back last night and we sewed again , but I don't have any pictures of my progress on the red and yellow Pensylvania Dutch blocks that I was setting together. I got half of it in one piece, but I made sure I was home in my own bed by twelve o'clock. We're not as young as we used to be, after all......


Lesley December 08, 2008  

I'm most impressed with both your efforts I had a stitchathon of my own over the weekend, only I can't stay up longer than 10pm but I'm up and into it again by 6.30am must have been the weekend for it.

Tazzie December 08, 2008  

What fun you both had - I'm always impressed by all you achieve. One of these days I'll get busy with one of the stitching days, maybe while the kids are on holidays.
Have a great week

pdudgeon December 09, 2008  

love all the blocks you are making, but i think those albumn blocks are my favorites.

YankeeQuilter December 09, 2008  

Yikes...I got tired just reading your post! All the blocks look wonderful...can't wait to see the red and yellow blocks!

julieQ December 09, 2008  

Gosh, both of you got so much done!! I love the duck tracks the best...I think I saw the quilt on e-bay the you were looking at!! I am so glad you had fun.

meggie December 09, 2008  

Holy Moly! You two do know how to step up production once you get going! How lovely to be able to sew when you feel like it, & for as long as you feel like it!
Some lovely looking blocks there.

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