Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My customer quilt was finally loaded on the machine(stopping first to admire the seams on the back- why do I like taking photos of the patterns the seams make?) It turned out huge, as per request, but it seemed to stretch off into the distance in an alarming way. That's a hell of a lot of top to quilt!
It's about 110" square, so when it came time to bind it I had to cut ten strips of fabric; that was a first for me. I tried not to think about the sewing on part, but it had to be tackled.

The sewing machine all but disapppeared in the mountain of fabric, and it took quite a bit of man-handling to get the last stitches put in place. I machine-sewed the binding down, no way could I do all this by hand or the price would have gone up for the extra hours of work.
I'll take a good photo of it tomorrow when Keryn is there to help me hang it but it's so heavy and long it will need lots of muscles and the tallest rungs on the quilt stand.
I've started putting my madder blocks together and I love the way they're turning out. Ahhh, these are more my colours!
And this is the view of the other end of the machine..... I think we could do with a bit of a tidy-up, don't you?


pdudgeon November 05, 2008  

lovely quilt as always!!! looking forward to seeing the finished pics of both quilts.

Days and colors November 05, 2008  

What a huge quilt! I wonder how you managed to get it all done, that is a lot of work indeed! Yours look very good, is it also a big one? I'll bae looking foward to see them finished! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

*karendianne. November 06, 2008  

Ohhh, those are my colors, too!!!

Good thing you didn't get lost in all that quilt while you were sewing down the binding. It's possible we could have lost ya! ;)

Wink and a Smile, *karendianne.

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