Thursday, November 06, 2008

The huge quilt is completely finished and has had it's mug shot taken; I'm looking forward to this leaving because it takes up so much room! I'm pleased with the way it's turned out, but I can't get over the size of it hanging up, and there's a lot just draped on the ground too. I need something small and manageable now, that I can get finished quickly.

Isn't the border fabric gorgeous?
Tonight is our small patchwork class (next year we should be able to expand our lessons) and two ladies have completed tops so far. I'm going to be quilting both of them (the tops, not the ladies!) and they're so pretty I'm looking forward to it. There's lots of stitcheries on both; we seem to have done quite a few of them in the last year, and I've got some ideas for them already.I'm going to try out some of our pretty variegated threads on these; I never thought I'd get so excited about thread, but it's fun to see how they react to the fabric and makes the quilting even more interesting to do.

The madder top is coming along but I seem to have lost half the sashes. Both Keryn and I can remember me cutting them out about a year ago, but now there's not enough- another hint that I need to sort things out? ........


Tazzie November 06, 2008  

Another triumph Mereth, your quilting is always just stunning. It must be a relief to get such a huge quilt finished.
Have you spent any time at the guild show this year? I'll be visiting on Sunday.

chrisee November 06, 2008  

The "huge quilt" is another great achievement....what sort of thread and colour did you use? I will be visiting the Craft n Quilt fair Saturday

Cornfield Quilter November 07, 2008  

The quilt is absolutely stunning! You should be very proud of the accomplishment. :D

Anonymous,  November 07, 2008  

What a beautiful quilting job on a beautiful quilt! I can't imagine quilting anything that big. I love the quilts with stitcheries in them, so delicate and cute.

meggie November 08, 2008  

That is one huge quilt!!

Love the others, they are very pretty.

Days and colors November 09, 2008  

The quilting is so beautiful!!! Who wouldn`t be pleased with your work? I hope you will find the sashes again, if not, well, we love to buy new fabrics, don't we?!

julieQ November 10, 2008  

Ok, that is a lot of quilt! LOTS of quilt! But very beautiful, and how pretty it will look on someone's bed.

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