Saturday, April 14, 2007

These tiny 1" half square triangles have been my leader- enders for a while.

I decided to press them and see what I could do with them now that an embaressing number had built up.
I'm not quite sure where they're going, but I've started making little Broken Dishes blocks, which you can just see on the tray behind this pile. And when I say little, I mean little, each block will be 2" finished.
I can hear Keryn's voice ( the voice of Reason, may I add) hissing "Throw them AWAY!!!!!", but I hardly ever pay attention until she's proved right. Then, when I'm nauseated by the fiddliness and idiocy of whatever I'm doing I'll agree and go on to something a little saner (and larger...)

Although she once did a block that required many many little 1" half square triangles, some of which I made for her; but we paper-pieced them and it was much easier and quicker than these jumbly little scraps I'm trying to sew.

I went to Adelaide this week, as it was my son's graduation from his School of Art. He wasn't impressed with the whole gown and mortarboard look, but I was very proud of him. And at the end they announced the Industry Awards and he'd won the Excellence in Drawing category, so that made me even prouder.I'm glad he got some recognition for his talent, it's one thing your mother telling you how wonderful you are, but an award looks better on the list of achievements!

While I was in Adelaide I happened to drop into Spotlight, and while they had nothing great, they did have a clearance sale on and I staggered out with these bags. The girl who served me was concerned about the weight and whether I'd be able to manage!!

It took me a while to go through the piles, but I found a number of $2 a metre fabrics, some $3 ones and a couple at $5. Can't pass up the opportunity of cheap backings, so I took the end of the bolts of most of them.
The grand total was (koff, koff...) mumble...36.5 metres...mumble..but lets face it, a backing for $10? The yellow fabric on the bottom had 12.7 metres on the bolt, and I got it ALL!!! For $25! Can't feel the slightest bit guilty, sorry. The pile should have cost $350, and instead was just on $100, so instead of an extravagence, I'm congratulating myself on being a canny shopper. I certainly picked the eyes out of that lot of fabric at the store.
The elation lasted until I got home, fondled and folded it nicely, then looked around in horror and thought "Where the heck am I going to put it!" I can see a major shuffle of the backing fabric storage coming on- where did I think the extra nearly 40 metres of fabric was going to go? Just pop it in a drawer? Right.....


Helen April 14, 2007  

Yep, I identify with that! Got the same problem myself. Seriously, that is great buying. When I do a backing I am always surprised by how much fabric it takes - same with borders.

Patti April 15, 2007  

Me too, me too! I can't bear to throw out such wonderful bits of fabric. I have a whole plastic shoebox of tiny triangles that I need to make up just like you are. Sisters in insanity!

Kairle Oaks April 15, 2007  

Congratulations to your amazing son for his accomplishments and to you for your great find!

YankeeQuilter April 15, 2007  

I always check out the bargain corners for backing fabric...great buy! Congrats on your son's graduation and recognition!

meggie April 16, 2007  

Great buy! I must trundle into Spotlight myself for some backings.
I have small triangles Scottish ancestors tell me not to waste!
I have made a little Dolly quilt from some of them.

meggie April 16, 2007  

Forgot to congratulate your son...& you! For, without you, he wouldnt be!

Kay in MN, USA April 17, 2007  

Love your new stash, and congrats to your son on his achievments at school. Now I need my fix on the latest antics of Mac, your gorgeous boy. Kay in MN, USA

Bonnie K. Hunter April 17, 2007  

The little fiddly broken dishes blocks are so cute! I can sure identify with wanting to use up every small triangle I can save...


atet April 18, 2007  

I knew I wasn't the only one who saves all of those small bits. Great buy on all of your backing fabrics, but I sympathize about the storage. My husband keeps asking me where I'm going to put all of the fabric -- let alone the finised quilts.

molly April 29, 2007  

nice to know you've passed your talent on.....

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