Saturday, April 28, 2007

Finally, I seem to have the computer problems sorted out after two visits from the 'technician' and I can get back to my regular schedule. I've really missed the net, and now I have to catch up with everyone's news and get back to regular blogging.
It was Anzac Day last thursday, and my brother, sister-in-law and I went to the Dawn Service about 25k away. We were all up at five getting ready, and I thought of all the other homes where this quiet bustle was taking place too, ready to pay our respects. It's such an Australian ritual, and it never fails to fill me with emotion.
This year my brother had brought our Dad's medals with him (they live in Perth, and usually one of his son's wears them), thinking I might like to have them this year. Children of returned soldiers can wear them as long as they are on the right breast, not the left, which is where the veterans wear them.

Dad fought in the islands north of Australia and flew kittyhawks on many missions. We still have his log book , and it makes a fascinating document to read. I can remember when we were little, getting ready to go the march which is held later on in the day, watching Dad clean these medals and pin them on his jacket; and afterwards the great time he had with old mates that he might not have seen since last years march.
Dad was stationed at Port Pirie for a while, which is where he met Mum. There was a huge airbase there where they trained but now there is very little left to show what a busy place it was. After the service we went out there to wander around and had a photo taken in front of this Dakota engine which is a sort of memorial. (You can't half tell that we're related!) I thought of Mum, and how she would have loved seeing us together, and me wearing the medals, so it was a significant moment on lots of levels for me.

The good thing about not wasting time on the net is that you can get lots of sewing done. I'm working all over the place, and I keep trying to be stern and telling myself to finish one thing, but I'm having a good time jumping from one to the other. The little broken dishes are being set into these blocks, they end up 5" finished and are as cute as buttons. I can't stop making them.

Keryn speculated that I was going to set the Crosses and Losses in a streak of lightning pattern, which could be nice but wasn't in The Dream.I think Mary guessed that I was going to make a strippy; she's right. But I have a little twist up my sleeve and you'll see it when they're all sewn together.
In the meantime,I have to throw myself on Keryn's mercy and cry "Have you got any of THIS fabric?!!!" It's an indigo print, and I know I split it with her because I only had a piece half the width of .75 metre. Well, sweetest sister, is it still in your stash? Because I NEEEED it! Pleeease try and find it, and with any luck it will be there. I've got other indigos, but this reads as grey, and I want the lower contrast. It's all in The Dream.....


tami April 28, 2007  

I'm glad your computer problems are sorted out. We become so adicted to our electronics. I almost went crazy when our power was out.
I love all of the started quilts. Can't wait to see them all done.

meggie April 29, 2007  

It is amazing how much I missed the net when it was down!
Loved your post. Anzac Day is someting special to all Aussies & NZers.
Good luck with your indigo.
love those broken dishes.

Diana April 29, 2007  

The indigo crosses and losses look really nice. I can't wait to see what the setting is going to be!

YankeeQuilter April 30, 2007  

My Dad was a pilot during WWII as well. He flew the PBY for the USNavy. He loved to tell stories of piloting those big planes when I was a kid.

Hope your sis can find the indigo!

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