Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ok, book me down for the worst mood in Christendom at the moment. A while ago I bought a new computer, and was told I had to have Windows Vista installed instead of XP. What the heck I thought, I'll go with it, everyone else will be using it.....I haven't been able to get on the net without difficulty ever since, and I've spent at least 5 hours on the phone as everyone passes the buck to everyone else. It's the server, it's the modem, it's Microsoft, perhaps my stars are out of alignment or my feng shui is all up the creek. GRRRR! Things were fine until Vista came along!
Even now the damn thing's apologising for not being able to connect me to the net, and I'm on blogger typing this. Idiot thing.
It doesn't help that my technical conversations are interspersed with such phrases as the 'router thingy' and the 'whatsi-cable' showing my true igorance of all things computerish, coupled with my brain never coming up with the right name when I need it.(advanced middle-age syndrome.) I'm not cut out for technical difficulties, I only know enough to do what I need to do and my temper increases each time I'm foiled by the little messages that pop up. Instead of being rational and thinking through the problem, I'm far more likely to scream at the monitor, pull at my fringe in fury and then go off to sulk and drink coffee. Sigh.
Speaking of beverages, Mac has developed a liking for Matt's tea, so he gets to drink the dregs. I love him to bits, but I draw the line at sharing drinking utensils. I've even seen Matt eating an icecream, two licks for him, two for Mac....Nooo!!!! The dog's been wormed I know, but I can't come at that. My love has limits.


ForestJane April 19, 2007  

I had to grin at the dog with his nose in the mug... I had JUST made myself a large tumbler of iced tea the other day, put it by my machine, then went back in the kitchen to get a paper towel to put under it... when what do I see but Toby, taking a taste of my tea. uggg.

I don't mind him finishing something I'm done with, but we don't share bites, and I NEVER let him have first drink... I KNOW the last place his tongue has been, uggh.

meggie April 19, 2007  

OH! I SO agree with you! I am besotted over our dogs, but draw the line at sharing utensils, or letting them lick my face or lips.

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