Sunday, May 07, 2006

I've been away for a few days with some patchworking friends, and had a little break from the house. We went to a friends 'shack' on the river Murray at Blanchetown. I'd never been there and we arrived in the dark so it was a surprise to wake in the morning and find this view outside the window.

The river is literally at the back door, and although it might seem small the distances are deceptive. The little line of scrub at the foot of the cliffs are actually full size gum trees, so it would be quite a drop from the top.

We went to two exhibitions, one on a paddle steamer at Mannum that was very interesting. The local patchwork group meet once a month in the steamers dining room, which would make a lovely sewing room, windows on either side and lots of tables, with the river flowing gently past. Very pleasant.

I of course had to buy some fabric at the shops that were set up in marquees, what's the use of going away on a patchwork jaunt and not getting any fabric to show for it! My camera has lost it's batteries so I couldn't get any photos, but trust me, I got some nice stuff.

We stayed a second night at a caravan park in the Adelaide hills and the caretaker was most interested to know what quilters got up to on holiday. I told him it was 'Secret Quilter's Business" ( You'd have to be South Australian to fully appreciate the joke in that), and he was even more intrigued. But we only played cards and had show and tell of all our purchases.

We went to an old chocolate factory as well and so we had plenty of munchies and bags of goodies. It was fascinating to see the old equipment that they still use today, but the chocolate coated peanuts and other lollies were just rolled around in ordinairy cement mixers. Never used for anything else of course, but it looked a bit funny.

I haven't been doing any sewing, but the sewing room at the new house is ready to be set up as soon as I can move my tables into it. So there's no photos of anything quilty, but here's some treasures of Mums.

This is and apron my great grandmother made, and it must have been from a pattern because I found another one just like it in an antique shop. The satiny background material is rotting away but it's still beautiful, and as I'm not an embroider's bootlace I really appreciate the work that went into it. The colours of the silks are still vibrant and shiny, so I don't think it's seen the light of day much. Love of textiles definitely runs in the family, I have a piece of material from my great- grandmother's stash, and I treasure it too much to use it. When I feel guilty about my yardage I look at this piece and think "Oh well, it's genetic, I can't help it"


ForestJane May 08, 2006  

I love reading your blog - your Australian English has just enough slight difference in the turn of phrase to make it fun reading!

What please, does this mean:
"... as I'm not an embroider's bootlace..."

And the apron's a real legacy from your Grandmother - the satiny fabric and embroidery must have made it her 'dress up' apron for special occasions?

YankeeQuilter May 18, 2006  

Sounds like a fun break. I visited a cookie factory where the dough was made in those "cement mixers' and I agree that is no way to treat chocolate!

Anonymous,  May 18, 2006  

Oh, your post made me all homesick - I've lived in Adelaide for 18 years before moving up to Queensland 5 years ago. I've never been to the quilt show at Mannum - sounds as though it was lovely! Ahh, the "secret womens business", scrubby gums and the great brown River Murray - yep, even with all that, I'd definitely prefer to live there than here :-)

Quilts And Pieces May 25, 2006  

My friend who lives in Canberra vacations of the Murray river, but must be at a different spot because that name of a town doesn't sound familiar. And of course I can't for the life of me remember now what the name is where they go!

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