Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today was Anzac Day, and my SIL and I went to the Dawn Service at the little war memorial in the main street. We drove down in the chilly dark before 6 a.m, passing groups of people walking along huddled in their coats, seeing the lights of other cars converging around the shadowed park. It was very moving, standing beneath the trees and thinking of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who landed at Anzac cove all those years ago. I looked up at a little sliver of a new moon lying on its back, cradled in the arms of a gum tree, and listened to a bugle playing The Last Post- one of the most poignant memories of Australians everywhere.

Don't you just love old houses? In the back hall is a huge floor to ceiling cupboard, which we hadn't opened until today, and then we found a little door at the back of it. Wouldn't we have loved this find when we were children, raised on a diet of Enid Blyton's Famous Five books. Would there be a secret passage beyond, an old trunk full of treasure, a faded map with an X on it? Or, in Daphne Du Maurier mode....a huddled skeleton sitting in the corner.....

Of course I took one look at the cobwebs and sent Matt up instead, and listened to his crashing and clattering and shouted comments, contenting myself with a peek from the top of the ladder. It must have been a storage space under the original verandah roof and there are boards laid across the rafters so that matt could crawl along quite comfortably. Nothing came to light of any interest, but it kept us all occupied for a good half hour, a change from our cleaning and painting and shifting.

Here's Bev sitting in the window seat, in our nice clean lounge room, having washed the walls down, scrubbed the skirtings and the window and polished the floor. She's exhausted, and I was up a ladder painting or I would have helped. But I'm tired too!


Quiltgranny April 26, 2006  

Oh! I just love the windows, and the high ceilings, and the floor - oh the floor is magnificent and the beautiful fireplace in Mum's room. It is bee-you-tee-fool!

Thanks for sharing about Anzac day too - something I didn't know about (hanging her American head in shame).

Quilts And Pieces April 26, 2006  

Your house is so wonderful! I"ve loved it from the first time you posted the picture. My friend in Canberra went to Anzac day celebrations also, but did the stuff later in the day, she said it was way long - next year, Dawn service again!

ForestJane April 26, 2006  

Lovely wood floor, it just glows! Bet you're going to really have a house to be proud of when you get done. :)

Anonymous,  April 27, 2006  

Love that wooden floor! I'm jealous - I want a window seat too - they are so gorgeous! The house is coming along just great.

Anonymous,  May 03, 2006  

What a beautiful home! Your pictures allowed me to walk around and sense the lovliness. Thank you.

How blessed you are..

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