Saturday, May 20, 2006

Here's my new bedroom, the walls painted a lovely
greeny gold instead of the metallic blue green limewash they were before-erggh!

The quilt is a Kansas Dugout based on a quilt I saw on ebay years ago. That one had a red border too, but this gold fabric was lying on the top one day, and it suddenly seemed like the perfect finishing touch. I listen to what my quilts say to me, so the red border was abandoned and the gold sewn on.

The quilt on ebay had a strippy back of indigo and cream, but I didn't have enough of the blue fabric so I added the russety brown, and I liked that effect even more.

Each octagon is quilted in a different pattern, and I had
fun inventing them. I wanted it to look like a welsh quilt so there's a centre motif and welsh spirals in the border. It took me months to handquilt, but I really like the effect. I'd do a lot more by hand, but I just don't have the time.

This photo was taken before before it was completed, which explains the baggy area on the right.
And the fabric is my haul from the trip away, I found the bag yesterday, and as I hadn't looked at it since the day I got back it was like buying it all over again! I do love a good gloat over new purchases, but I've been too busy in the last month to do anything involving quilting. It's starting to get to me, but the carrier should move the last of Mum's furniture next week and then perhaps things will settle down. And I can start posting regularly again and replying to comments, I feel like I've neglected everyone terribly. When the computer is moved to the new place I PROMISE I'll do better!


ForestJane May 21, 2006  

Wow, what beautiful quilting!

I like the stripes on the back too, I'm getting to be a fan of scrappy backings. :)

Lucy May 22, 2006  

What great bedroom with a beautifull bed!!

Patti May 22, 2006  

I love the new look to your bedroom. Your quilting is spectacular!

sewprimitive karen May 23, 2006  

Just love the wall color and the quilting is so beautiful!! K.

Quilts And Pieces May 25, 2006  

I don't know where to start! Your new bedroom is gorgeous! And that kansas dugout quilt is so perfect in there! But I can't believe the wonderful quilting you did on it! How fun is that! I absolutely love it - and I really love the look of the back! Thank you so much for sharing this.

Oh wait - one more thing - I want to reach in and grab a few of those fabrics! Ok?!!!

Bonnie K. Hunter May 29, 2006  

Love how you painted the walls, and the quilting on that quilt..WOW! I definately love the welsh quilts too...they are SO ...breathtaking! You did a great job on this one and I love the strippy backing!


YankeeQuilter May 30, 2006  

Ilove the welsh quilting and the strippy back and the color of your new bedroom! Gold with red always looks so late 1800' it.


Judy May 31, 2006  

Love the quilts!! I'm new to the mavericks and just making the rounds on the ring! Glad to have found you. I love those beds, they are just like my grandparents twins beds.

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