Thursday, January 07, 2016

 Years ago I started making 3" finished nine patches, and amassed hundreds of them because they were so addictive I couldn't seem to stop. I sewed them in sets of four or five, thinking I could make another double nine patch, but while I was going through my folder of ideas I came across this configuration.

I'd had in mind the colour scheme of this antique quilt anyway, so I used those colours to make the nine patch blocks.( But I still want to reproduce this old quilt, how many can I make?)

I happily sewed a pile of blocks, but one thing and another got in the way, and soon they were relegated to the background, even though I loved them.

Late last year I pulled them out and decided to move them further along, but how to set them ? I didn't mind them straight,

but I do love on point settings. Add some more nine patches in the corner posts...I like it even more!

I've finished setting them together and have the borders chosen, so I should have a finished top soon. It's so exciting when a long term project nears completion, these blocks have sat around for nearly five years and it will be great to see that project box empty.


Kleine Vingers January 07, 2016  

It looks lovely on the point and with the ninepatch cornerstones. I can imagine that it is addictive. Greetings

Renee Musso January 07, 2016  

I really like this layout. Beautiful work.

Gypsy Quilter January 08, 2016  

Love the colors and the setting. Great job!

Robin January 08, 2016  

Oh yes, the 9-patch cornerstones add just the right touch. Lovely quilt.

Sue SA January 08, 2016  

Great setting, but good think you have heaps of nine patches, this is going to use them all up!

Gypsy Quilter January 18, 2016  

Absolutely gorgeous!

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