Sunday, January 17, 2016

 I'm really pleased with this finish. I loved making the blocks, working out the setting, sewing it together and making the borders look exactly as I saw them in my mind's eye.

 The only real problem I ran into was not having enough of the sashing fabric, which stumped me for quite a while. I only possessed  half a metre to start with, (of course bought years and years ago) then Keryn found another half metre and after much searching I discovered two other fabrics that I could place in a way that balanced the setting. I don't usually bother so much but I wanted this top not to have any jarring irregularities if I could help it.

Sometimes it would be helpful to make a top with newish fabric that is still available somewhere in the known world, instead of scratching through piles of twenty year old stuff that you hope is still in your sister's stash as well. But that seems to be the way we operate sometimes.


gayle January 17, 2016  

This is gorgeous! I'm a fan of nine patches, and this is just extra special. Love!

Sue SA January 18, 2016  

Its a great quilt. Its nice to use up old fabric out of the stash, but I agree, nothing more frustrating then not having enough! Still you did a good job of melding the two sashings, noticeable only cos you pointed it out. Love the nine patches peeking out on the edges!

Renee Musso January 18, 2016  

Absolutely beautiful. I might steal your pattern one of these days. I have too many UFO's to finish first.

Lucy January 19, 2016  

It's a long time ago I visited your blog. I'm glad I discovered it again. Lovely quilt. I like your stye

Laura in IA January 27, 2016  

I love that quilt and so enjoyed reading about your process.

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