Saturday, February 28, 2015

 After I started making my giant sq in sq blocks I was looking through one of my quilt history  books, and as is the way of these things,  I found another example.

This one is in creams and maddery reds and browns, which is much more my cup of tea, colour wise. And stash wise.

The blocks are roughly ten inches, so they finish quite a bit bigger than mine. This isn't constructed as a sq in sq block, but rather hourglass blocks set in altenate rows of bown and cream squares. I think I'll stick to my design because to make the larger blocks I'd need to start with a 7 1'2" square, and an 8 1/4" one for the quarter sq triangles. I want to use some scraps and those measurements are a tad on the large size for me.  Interestingly the cream and brown setting fabrics seem to be the same fabric repeated over and over, and the hourglass blocks use scraps, including some blue grey triangles.

I grabbed some of my scraps, made four blocks to see whether I liked the darker colours, and I think I have another project underway!

And what about this gorgeous toile on the back? Might have to look out for something like that in my travels.....


Kim March 01, 2015  

Oh Mereth I LOVE this! The colors are fantastic. Can't wait to see this one! And that toile is wonderful as well!

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