Thursday, February 12, 2015

I was originally going to set these blocks on point, with cream squares in between, but when I laid them out I realised there was going to be far too much blank space. The stars were lost amongst it all, and I decided I needed to make some sort of alternate setting block.

I thought of all the extra stars and wondered if I could use them in some way....

I came up with this block, which still has lots of cream fabric in it, but has a bit more interest than just a large square.

I needed twenty of them, so I sewed them up, then set  all the blocks together on point.
I used a large floral to make the triangles along the edge, cutting them a bit larger and edging them with the cream fabric.  I still have to trim the sides and straighten everything up, but I'm quite happy with how this top came together.
I will probably put some borders around this, but as it's quite large they won't be very big. It's far too hot to be wrestling with metres of material at the moment; when it cools down I'll go back to working on it. Yay!  FIFTY of the stars gone in one top, I'm a bit pleased.

There are still piles of them left in the box, possibly two or three quilts worth, because I've added more stars to the total over the years, but there's definitely a big difference. I used to have two boxes of stars, and now they all fit into one, that's progress, isn't it?


Sue SA February 13, 2015  

This quilt top looks like a antique tiled floor, it really sparkles with those cream / tan sashings and backgrounds against the stars. Love it!

Carla February 13, 2015  

Oh yeah!!! Love this quilt!!!

Tazzie February 13, 2015  

Oh my goodness, the stars are gorgeous, love the top!

Britt February 14, 2015  

Wonderful setting! I love this quilt.

Linda C February 15, 2015  

Love it!! Are your stars hand or machine pieced?

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