Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just a quick guest post here from Keryn, as Mereth seems to be just as busy as me, and not able to get near the computer.
Let me introduce Maxwell, a brother for Logan.  He arrived yesterday morning, weighing a whopping 9lb7oz.  He's going to be a big boy.

 Mum is relieved; those last weeks of waiting just seem to go on forever.  Elisa is amazing, I don't think I'd look that good, mere hours after giving birth.

Dad is delighted; the boys still outnumber the girls.
And Pippi is anxiously waiting for her own mum to com home.  Everytime I look down, this is what I see;
she's a little bit needy.


Sue SA February 27, 2013  

Yeah, five fingers and five toes, congratulations all around.

Karendianne February 27, 2013  

Congratulations! Mom sure does look great. Glowing. And oh my but Pippi cracked me up!!!!

Jan February 27, 2013  

Congratulations on your grandbaby boy. So exciting!

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