Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I spent some time over the last week thinking about the coming year and what I'd like to change and what I wanted to achieve. I was not at all happy with how much sewing I did in 2012, for some reason it wasn't a very productive year as far as quilting went. I'm making a list of every project I started, and that's probably longer than I think, but I know there were very few finishes.

I suppose when you finish other people's quilts for a living it's easy to overlook your own-  I did so many bindings last year I can just about do them with my eyes shut. However my own quilts are suffering and I want that to change. I need to get the mountain of quilt tops quilted, and the staggering number of blocks and projects made into tops. I'm sick of the stagnant state of the sewing room, and I intend to start things humming again.

Of course it's hard to be enthusiastic when the projected temperature for the next two days is 43C-gak!!!! It's absolutely draining, but I've finished a small top today and I'll plod away tomorrow at another project near to completion.

I found some photos of the back of my FlyingHome quilt that was in Homespun, I adored piecing these beautiful fabrics together.
  I would be glad to use this side on a bed, and we were pleased to finally find a home for that centre fabric. Keryn had bought it on spec, and agreed that this was the perfect place for it.
One of my resolutions was to blog more regularly- isn't it the same every year? I need the record of my days because it's so easy to forget what happened when I look back over the year. All the customer quilts and the sewing and the family and the garden just disappear in a foggy blur of events, and the blog is a little reminder of what life is like, with dates and photos.

I just tried to find a recent photo of Pippi to end this post with and the last one I took was  about eight months ago. How slack is that? Obviously  using the camera more should be another resolution.
  So here's Pippi waiting ( I'm Bored!!!! big sigh...) until it's cool enough to go out for the nightly race around with Dolly,

and a photo Keryn took of some roses from my garden.


Jan January 03, 2013  

Happy New Year, Mereth! I hope that you are successful in your resolutions - more blog posts, yes, please :-)
Can't imagine that kind of heat. It is nice and chilly here - around 25 degrees Farenheit. Love it. You have the pretty roses, though, so there's that consolation!

Sue SA January 05, 2013  

Gorgous roses, I suspect they have not survived the heat though as it was 45C when we arrived home in Ade on Friday and our garden was looking very wilted! Lucky DH has turned his talents to auto watering system, as only the pot plants were dead...happens every year but I keep insisting on trying! I am really looking forward to seeing somemore completed projects from you thisyear, but dont be too hard on yourself, your paying job counts towards show and tell!

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