Monday, July 27, 2009

Keryn and I had a quilting marathon, which Keryn wrote about here. I spent most of Monday at our patchwork group, and Wednesday and Thursday we'll be in Adelaide so I needed to get the work done and not feel guilty. I have a big candlewick top to tackle next, and if I can get it loaded on the machine and started today I'll feel even better.

I love doing pantographs and enjoy the custom work, but every now and then I get a top that I just go overboard on and this was one. I loved the colours, the buttonhole applique was beautifully done and I really wanted the quilting to enhance the workmanship.

I was thinking feathers somehow in the border, and Keryn said "But there isn't enough room!" No there wasn't a lot of space, but I could see the end result in my mind and it turned out as I thought it would. (That's always a relief!)

There's a lot of quilting in this and some of it you can't even see because it doesn't show up on the black, but I was really pleased with the overall effect. I enjoyed working on it from start to finish, and can hardly wait until this customer brings the next top.

Or perhaps not, I just remembered she's doing the Michele Hill design pictured in this post .....!
Aghh!!! The pressure will be on then!!


Maggie A July 28, 2009  

Love the effect of the feathers in the border.

Chookyblue...... July 28, 2009  

beautiful quilting.........always good to have a challenge........

Vicki W July 28, 2009  

Your quilting is stunning!

sewprimitive karen July 28, 2009  

Good Heavens, that is a masterpiece of quilting. The owner is simply going to faint, it is so beautiful. How I wish I could send you a quilt top of mine!!

Nicola July 28, 2009  

Gorgeous, gorgeous quilting

Meggie July 30, 2009  

That is a stunning quilt, but the quilting just finishes it off to perfection!! Beautiful.

Deb July 31, 2009  

beautiful quilting! Certainly takes that pretty quilt up a notch

Mary July 31, 2009  

Wow, that is really splendid. Your quilting designs enhanced the top without detracting from the beautiful applique work. Do you know what the pattern is for the top? I love to applique and that would make a great project for next year.

Anne August 01, 2009  

The quilting is absolutely beautiful! Your customer is going to be blown away but how gorgeous it is. I love that your quilting enhances the quilt but doesn't "take over". Do you know what the name of that quilt pattern is?

ivoryspring August 01, 2009  

Your quilting is absolutely lovely.

Mary August 05, 2009  

Beautiful -- your quilting really enhances this quilt's beauty and I love how you feathered the vines in the border.

YankeeQuilter August 07, 2009  

Your quilting on this is amazing...I'm sure the quilter will be trilled when she sees it!

Karen August 14, 2009  

The applique quilt is beautiful. And your machine quilting certainly enhances the design. I read in your next post that it won at the quilt show. I bet your customer was very happy.

MARCIE August 20, 2009  

Your quilting is just perfect on this quilt. Beautiful!

Sherrill September 09, 2009  

The whole package is GORGEOUS! The quilt, all works so beautifully together. I, too, would love to know the pattern used unless your customer came up with this design on her own. If so, DOUBLE WOW!!

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